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Saving Tips

Must have smartphone 2018

Why you'll need to get your hands on the latest smartphone and how
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The Child Wheel a way towards Green Energy

Child Wheel lets your child produce green energy
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Fairytale Night under budget

Make your own "Beauty and the Beast" fairytale night for under RM1250
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Market studies

Google Webinar

CupoNation Malaysia conducts a Google Spreadsheet webinar.
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Human Resource Webinar

Cuponation Malaysia shares tips and tricks into understanding the recruitment process in a startup and the right steps to take in a successful job interview.
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World Leaders on Social Media

We conducted a quick study of world leaders on social media to see who had the biggest online following.
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Excel Webinar

CupoNation is sharing expert tips in creating functional and time efficient spreadsheets.
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CupoNation Malaysia Webinar

Our first ever International Entrepreneurship Webinar developed for aspiring Entrepreneurs.
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Champion's League Cost Per Goal

Cuponation Malaysia studies the cost of a Champions League goal
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Savvy e-Sport Facts

Cuponation Malaysia studies everything e-Sports related from most searched gaming platforms, e-Sports tournaments with the highest prize pool and more.
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Cristiano Ronaldo's goals

Study determining the influence of Ronaldo's number of girlfriends in his goal-scoring pattern
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The Oscars 2017

Analysis of nominees for Academic Awards for 2017
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