CupoNation Malaysia shares the eco friendly Child Wheel.

  • Introducing a new innovative wheel that lets your child produce green energy.

    The Child Wheel is a new German training product that will dramatically cut your electricity bill and save the environment at the same time.

Pre-order now and save 10%: RM 4,699
An original CupoNation product
  • Green, clean energy is what we all want for our household and our families. That is why CupoNation is proud to present a revolution within the energy and money-saving products: The Child Wheel. The Child Wheel is meant as a way for children to play and exercise. And while using the wheel for running, the energy generated travels to the built-in batteries. You can compare it to the way how a hybrid car works, but without any other power source than the child itself. 
  • The original research was started years ago, and CupoNation bought the rights to it. Then we had to wait until the energy-saving technology was at a stage where the level of energy produced could considerably benefit a household. At the current development stage, an hour of running in the wheel will produce enough power to fully charge or use all your electrical appliances, as long as they are plugged into one of the sockets attached to the wheel.
  • The Child Wheel has adjustable handlebars to hold on to while running. Let the wheel grow together with your child.

  • Because of how our engineers have designed the wheel, every step that your child takes delivers the maximum amount of torque.

  • Depending on height, the wheel can be used from age 6 to age 14. That is 8 years of energy-saving per child!

Pre-order now and save 10%: RM 4,699 RM 4,199
  • Together with The Child Wheel, an app will also be released. The app will present you with an easy way of tracking everything from the number of laps and kilocalories burned, to the energy created and money saved.

  • Playground ready

    We dare to think big when it comes to saving money, and the potential of The Child Wheel outgrows the typical family home. Among other things, it can also be used to charge the electric cars, both inside or outside the garage. The wheel is constructed to withstand all kinds of weather, and will therefore also be made available for interested international & local governments all over Malaysia.

    The Child Wheel can be placed on playgrounds in smaller or bigger numbers, for children to use. Next to these playgrounds municipalities could set up charging stations for electric cars, or connect them directly to public electricity grids.

    Placing The Child Wheel on playgrounds will also give you the possibility of charging your devices on the spot. Never fear running out of battery on your smartphone while outside again!
  • Why children?

    The Child Wheel is created specifically for children because they are naturally energetic and consider running in the wheel as a fun thing, not as a chore. It has already been tested in selected German kindergartens, and the children enjoyed using the product regularly throughout the day.

    It also has to do with size. It must be a circular shape to create enough energy, which results in its unique design. Since at this point, the Child Wheel produces enough power for a household, there is no need to develop an adult-sized wheel. When a new step in technology is made, we will consider a version for adults as well.
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