CupoNation Malaysia studies the truth behind Cristiano Ronaldo's glorious goals and the connection to his offside conquests.

CRISTIANO RONALDO: Girls and Football

Over 600 scores and 40 amourous CONQUESTS. WE KNOW Which lover inspired THE HIGHEST NUMBER OF GOALS IN his CAREER

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Women Behind Ronaldo's Scores

 Ronaldo scored his jubilee 600th goal of his entire career in the final match of the Champions League on June 3, 2017 .Cristiano Ronaldo - a living legend of football world is also famous for who he is dating. But as you know, behind every successful man stands a woman. 
CupoNation decided to find out which one of the CR7 girls became his football muse, inspired by the greatest number of goals.


Irina Shyak is Ronaldo's Utmost Muse
Interestingly, the best result Ronaldo showed was in 2013 with 69 goals. 
It is rumored that the wedding was scheduled for that year but the event did not take place. Cristiano also scored an average of 60 goals per year from 2010 to 2014. Upon their break up in early 2015, Ronaldo's goals deteriorated to 57 and 55 goals in 2015 and 2016 respectively.


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