Cyber Monday Sale

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Black Friday 2017

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is one of the greatest shopping event that falls every year on the last Friday in November. As the globe became borderless with internet, this United States born event too grew bigger and better over the years and is now a worldwide celebrated shopping day. This year, Black Friday falls on the 24th of November and in Malaysia many big retailers are giving out crazy discounted deals too!

What you should be anticipating for?

Black Friday is a tradition that have been practiced by the westerners. It is a shopping madness that happens right after the Thanksgiving. Black Friday shopping marks the beginning of Christmas celebration. The consumers indulge themselves into this biggest shopping spree, ticking off their wish list and get the items that they have been eyeing on in a very cheap, high discounted price. Some even lines up outside the stores as early as 2am and await the opening of the shop to grab the best deals before they get out of stocks. However, as the world of ecommerce come into picture, this amazing Shopping festival is now brought to everyone around the world. It is now a worldwide phenomena, and we Malaysians can be part of it too! Look out for great brands and big retailers giving out awesome price cut-offs, amazing deals, and special Black Friday Promo codes for you to save more while clearing out your wish list!

Shop till you drop!

Have a wish list of items that you want to get before 2017 ends? Black Friday Sale is the best time for you to buy them. Check out big retailers and ecommerce platforms such as Lazada, Zalora, Nike, HP, Courts, Uber, Shopee and others giving out special offers and special price cutdown for this Black Friday sale. Shop till you drop at the comfort of your own space, without having to deal with traffic or the frustration of finding for a parking by just staying connected on your mobile or laptop. We have compiled tons of exclusive Black Friday promo codes, exclusive Black Friday deals from many retailers and brands here at CUPONATION MY. Save more while shopping on this Black Friday with us!

What about Cyber ​​Monday?

Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday. On Cyber Monday, most brands and retailers gives out extended promo and discounts after Black Friday. During Cyber Monday sale, most electronics and digital gadgets are also given a special price cut, just as the name suggests. If you have been eyeing on a smartphone or a digital tablet or even a television, this would be the best time to get one at the cheapest price.