Where does your money go?


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The Disappearance of thy money - Journey from being Scrooge McDuck to being Alladin!

  • All of us have been there, the moment when you get to tick off all of those cafes and bars your friends don’t seem to stop gushing about, off of your list. The moment when you finally buy that beautiful dress you have been eyeing for weeks, every time you pass by it in the neighborhood mall. The moment when you can finally go to the spa and pamper yourself to help with all the stress that has built up in the past few weeks. And just when you seem to be in the middle of this dream, you decide to have a look at the last message sent in by your bank with your last transaction detail and account balance, and you realize, it’s all gone. Suddenly, when you were right in the middle of the perfect world where you could pamper yourself in hundreds of ways, you realize even being able to score basic meals for the rest of the month might end up being a struggle.

    Worry not! You, my friend, are not alone. Money seems to do that to all of us, it believes in equality and thus making all suffer the same way and go through the same vicious cycle. We all end up wondering “where in the world did all that money go” and no matter how many times we try to recall our expenses, the mystery never gets solved. Fret not; to help all of us with this dilemma, we at CUPONATION decided to play Sherlock and finally answer the question: where does our money go?
  • So we created this interactive infographic where you can see how much a Malaysian spends per day in various items such as weekend getaways to Penang Island or Thailand, shopping at Pavillion in KL or dinner at Marini’s on 57. You might be surprised to find out that we spend on average 41.15 RM per day only on rent or 23.33 RM per day on domestic help. Also, did you know we spend, on average, 23.22 RM per day, on eating out compared to 7.08 RM per day on our education.

    The data covered was extracted from various global expat websites; sources that provide details about the cost of life in each country. In most cases, total consumption per year was shown in the sources, so in order to calculate it per capita per day, the total number was divided to the population and to 365 (days per year). In cases where consumption was shown per household, the total number was divided to the average number of people per household, and then again to 365 to get the daily number.

    Many elements are shown by unit such as Coffee (cups), Beer (liters) and Electricity (Kwh), while others strictly in monetary values. This was done to avoid complexity issues in some elements. Expenses would be clearer to the user this way. Please be advised that numbers may vary between sources. Each one uses its own research method that can provide slight differences.

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