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Have you ever found yourself wondering where your money goes?

  • Well, you are definitely not the only one! Every month we plan how to spend our money and save some money at the same time. However, sometimes we don’t realize how much we spend in daily activities where simple life changes could cut down our expenses a lot.

    At CupoNation we finally answer the question: where does our money go? We created this interactive infographic and now you can see how much Malaysian spends per day on different items such as cigarettes, clothes or coffee. It is really surprising to find out that we spend on average RM 40.35 per day only on rent, RM 25.02 per day on dining out or RM 6.68 on cigarettes compared to RM 0.36 per day on our education.
  • The data covered was extracted from Malaysian Department of Statistics, various global expat websites and sources that provide details about the cost of life in Malaysia. In most cases, total consumption per year was shown in the sources, so in order to calculate it per capita per day, the total number was divided by the population and to 365 (days per year). In cases where consumption was shown per household, the total number was divided by the average number of people per household, and then again to 365 to get the daily number. In the same manner, consumption per month or week was divided by 30 and 7, respectively.

    Many elements are shown by a unit such as Coffee (cups), Beer and Wine (liters), Cigarettes (cigarettes), Cinema (tickets) while others strictly in monetary funds. This was done to avoid complexity issues in some elements; Expenses would be clearer to the user this way. Please be advised that numbers may vary between sources. Each one uses its own research method that can provide slight differences.

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